'Calvin' Plays Hooky


March 21, 1994; Page c3
Compiled from staff and wire reports by Marla Harper for the Washington Post

Calvin and Hobbes fans, take heed: The comic strip's creator, Bill Watterson, is taking off the rest of the year. John P. McMeel, president of Universal Press Syndicate, told the Associated Press Saturday that the strip's "creative and deadline requirements ... are considerable, and Bill, who works without benefit of any staff, assistants or regular vacations, will be taking a timeout."

This will be the second sabbatical for Watterson, who since 1985 has chronicled the adventures of a little boy and a stuffed tiger who comes to life in the child's mind. The artist took a nine-month break in 1991-92, during which time strips from '85 were rerun. There's no word if old strips will be rerun this time.

The reclusive Watterson, whose leave begins April 3 and ends New Year's Day, does not give interviews and declines to say where he lives.