The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
Coverage Ideas include . . .

Andrews McMeel press release issued September 2005

Weighing 23 pounds per complete set (or 250 metric tons for the entire first print run), The Complete Calvin and Hobbes is composed of more than 34,957 reams of paper and 12 metric tons of ink (for the first printing alone!). More than 125 twenty-foot shipping containers were used to transport the paper from the mill to the printer. This colossal compendium is worthy of creative coverage. Ideas include . . .

Behind the scenes of the production process:

This collection is likely to be the heaviest and most expensive book ever to hit the New York Times best-seller list. The first printing is already fully committed at the retail level with 100,000 more copies requested than the publisher has printed. Catch a glimpse of its production process, which includes more than 110,000 meters (2,000 rolls) of T-saifu book cover cloth, more than 250 metric tons of Kappa board, and more than 2,400 metric tons of text paper. Learn how many books are printed per hour, along with how many man hours are invested in each book's creation, or go behind the scenes of managing and troubleshooting this massive job. Production scene photos are available and interviews with key production representatives can be arranged.

Explore Calvin and Hobbes folklore:

Did Stephen King really write Watterson a fan letter? What celebrity received a tattoo of Calvin from fellow celeb Sean Penn? Are those ubiquitous window decals legal? Does a photograph of Watterson exist? Is Hobbes modeled after the Watterson's frisky family feline, or after the philosopher of the same name? Did Watterson's cartooning and licensing syndicate really destroy the licensing contract Watterson had signed?knowing it was worth millions?based on principle rather than profit? Before Calvin and Hobbes fame, was Watterson a political cartoonist, a grocery ad designer, or both?

Feature an interview with Bill Watterson:

Beginning in May 2005, Calvin and Hobbes fans were encouraged to send in questions for Watterson. On June 15, these questions were forwarded to Watterson for his review and answer. The resulting Q&A will be available for select release on September 15, 2005. This promises to be an insight into the minds of Calvin and Hobbes fans and Watterson alike.

Return Calvin and Hobbes to the printed page:

In celebration of the book's release, 17 weeks of dailies and Sunday colored strips will be reprinted from September 4, 2005, to December 31, 2005 in select newspapers.

Interview the creative minds:

AMU Chairman and Cofounder John McMeel, who had more than 30 years in syndication experience, knew a successful launch of a new comic strip predicted a long and hearty run. In the case of Calvin & Hobbes, John can address how the comic strip started with more than 100 client newspapers?a rare and noteworthy event for a new comic strip?and grew from there.

UPS Syndicate Editor Lee Salem, who worked with Watterson on each one of Watterson's 3,160 strips. What did Salem learn from Watterson? What stands out about Calvin and Hobbes? What are his tips for others wanting to follow in Watterson's footsteps? What are his favorite funnies on the Sunday comics page? Can cartoons be considered modern-day hieroglyphics? What strips does he consider to be Watterson's best?

AMP President and CEO Tom Thornton, who has led this venerable publishing house for the last 30 years. What challenges face the few remaining independent publishers? When he began with AMU, did he ever imagine the house would be responsible for generating and influencing so much of American popular culture through creators like Erma Bombeck, Dear Abby, Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury), Gary Larson (The Far Side), and of course, Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes)? How has he positioned the house as he prepares for his upcoming retirement?

AMP Vice President and Editor Dorothy O'Brien, who has edited each of the 18 Calvin and Hobbes collections. What does she find most significant about Calvin and Hobbes? How many editing hours went into reviewing such an incredible collection? What are some lesser-known Calvin and Hobbes facts?

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
Author: Bill Watterson
ISBN: 0-7407-4847-5
Format: Three-volume, hardcover, slipcased set, 12 x 10 1/2
Volume 1: 492 pages; Volume 2: 480 pages; Volume 3: 484 pages
Retail Price: $150.00 ($165.00 Canada)
Publication: October 4, 2005