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Baseball: Not sure who made this one but it appeared in a 2007 online auction. According to the creator, it stands approx. 7" high on an 8" X 5" base.


Attack of the Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat: This sculpture was created by Nicolas Tanguma, owner of a model kit producing company called Resin D'Etre. According to Nicolas, "The illusion of Hobbes jumping in the air was achieved by casting a piece of wire in his tail. The entire kit consists of 5 pieces; 2 white metal and 3 resin."


Walking on a Log: Here are two different sculptures based on the same subject matter. In 2006 two friends, Erik Rose (the first 4 pics) and Eric Gunrud (the last 4 pics), decided to compete with each other by using unpainted Super Sculpey Firm to sculpt the classic image of Calvin and Hobbes walking across a log. Congratulations to Erik, who won the fierce competition with 150 votes to Eric's 96!


Spaceman Spiff Kit #1: This is a resin model of Calvin's famous alter ego, created by a talented sculptor named Arne Jerde.


Spaceman Spiff Kit #2: Another unauthorized resin model of Spiff, this time by an unknown artist.


Spaceman Spiff Kit #3: Here is another sculpture of Calvin's popular alter ego, Spaceman Spiff, rendered by an unknown artist.


Calvin and Hobbes Sculpture : A nice piece by the late Jim Fawkes, an accomplished artist known throughout the fan sculpture community.

Calvin & Water Balloon : Artist Tom Key says of this 1999 piece, "I did this statue of Calvin from Bill Watterson's classic comic strip series Calvin & Hobbes as a birthday present for my Dad. He's a big fan of that series, and I am too! We really miss it being there in the newspaper to read. It was one of the very best!" This sculpture measures 5" tall including base and the medium was Super Sculpey.

Reading Sculpture: Here's a sculpture of Calvin & his buddy Hobbes checking out the Sunday newspaper comics.


Dinosaur Sculpture : This piece depicts Calvin and Hobbes, with Calvin riding on the back of a dinosaur. The figures are made of resin and the dinosaur is a plastic model kit. All of the pieces are pinned so that they can be removed from the base for further painting. Overall height is about 8", length is 15", and the wood base is 5" X 7". The first three photos are the unpainted version of course. In the other three someone has painted the figures to give them a bronzed look.


Dinosaur Sculpture Variant : Here is an interesting variation on the sculpture above. It looks like the sculptor went back and modified the piece, fashioning a dinosaur that looks more like a tyrannosaurus rex. Note the larger jaw and shorter limbs on the beast.


Pouncing Sculpture : Here's a sculpture of Hobbes sneaking up on Calvin. It's by an unknown artist.




Snowman sculpture : Here's a great sculpture by Vance T, featuring Calvin and Hobbes next to the demonic snowman they've constructed.


Sled Sculpture: This limited run of 25 by an unknown artist depicts Calvin and his buddy Hobbes wading through the snow for another trip down from Pallbearer Peak.


Dancing Sculpture: This piece is by an unknown artist.

Calvinosaurus Attacks: Many thanks to Pascal for sending these pictures of this one-of-a-kind sculpture! It measures 5.7" tall (14.5 cm).


'Scratch, Scratch' Sculpture: Here's another one by Pascal. Thanks again for the photos.


'Trapped' Sculpture: Thanks again to Pascal for sending this photo of a work-in-progress (2006). It's Spaceman Spiff tied up and guarded by an alien fiend.

"Over the Tree" Sculpture : Here's another one from Pascal in 2007.


"Black Magic At Chagrin Falls" Sculpture : Thanks Pascal, for sending photos of this 2007 sculpture.


Stupendous Man Sculpture: This sculpture is by Rain Weatherston. Thanks for sending it in!

'Friends' Sculpture: Here's a cute sculpture by an unknown artist.

Clay Hobbes Sculpture: Many thanks to Mia Elliott for sending in this handmade polymer clay version of Hobbes.

Plush Hobbes: I get a lot of requests from folks about how to get a stuffed Hobbes toy. Well, since they don't exist in stores, you'll just have to make one yourself like Mia Elliott did. Check it out! 

The second doll below is from an unknown gentleman who writes, "I used to work for a toy company primarily making plush (stuffed) animals. Our art dept. made 2 or 3 'Hobbes' prototypes. Watterson would have nothing to do with licensing his 'children', so the project was dropped. I applaud him for that. There was a short discussion about the 'imaginary/alive' or the 'real/stuffed' Hobbes. Though a few of the creative people wanted to go 'stuffed', the majority of the group agreed on 'alive'. When Hobbes is a toy, Calvin is 'alone', when Hobbes is alive Calvin is 'alive'. Calvin is most happy when he is in his imagination. Some even equated Hobbes to Calvin's soul. When we see Calvin alone, we can't wait for Hobbes to show up.

The third Hobbes doll is by Bethany Kerr, who created a Hobbes pattern for her kids. Thanks for the photos!

The fourth doll is another one by Mia Elliott, this time featuring Hobbes in his regular 'doll' mode.

The fifth doll is a labor of love by a fellow named Kristian Cooney. Thanks for sharing!




Plush Calvin: Another nice piece by Mia Elliott, pictured alongside her Hobbes dolls featured above. Thanks for sending the photos!



Moving On (digital painting) by Zatransis

Calvin and Hobbes acrylic by TJ Buckner

Batmin and Robbes drawing by an unknown artist, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes Homage by Rafael Albuquerque, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes Homage, by SCRaM, 2009.  This piece is ink on wood, measuring 2' x 3'.

Calvin and Hobbes: Double Reading, by Joseph Kosuth, 2001

This is a letterpress print on heavy 300 g paper. Dimensions: 52 x 100 cm (20,5" x 39,5 "). Printed in an edition of 10, it is signed and numbered, and embossed with the stamp "kosuth studio 2001." Kosuth is an American conceptual artist whose work generally strives to explore the nature of art, focusing on ideas at the fringe of art rather than on producing art per se.

Alone, by Enigmawing, 2008.  This rather sad image depicts Calvin being unable to bring Hobbes back to "life."

Sparrow (tempera), Arlis Monzeglio, 2008.  Depicting the time Calvin imagined he was a bird.

Untitled, by Les McClaine, 2008.   This picture measures 9" x 12" (22.9 x 30.5cm). Ink on paper.

Airbrushed paintings by Anonymous, 2007.  I don't know who did these or how large they are.


Acrylics by "Ki", 2006.  These 4 acrylics all measure 40x50 cm (15.7" x 19.6"). Their titles are "Sleeping," "Drawing," "Dancing," and "Loving."


Drawings by Glen Y, 2008.  Both are hand drawn, and inked/colored in photoshop. Thanks for sending them in, Glen!


Acrylic paintings by Alex Shepard, 2008.  Each of these acrylic paintings measures 16" x 20".


Acrylic paintings by Joseph A. Fernandez, 2008.  Each of these acrylic paintings measures 16" x 20".


Pastel, untitled, by Sam M., 2007.  This picture measures 9" x 12" (22.9 x 30.5cm).

Drawings by Nina Matsumoto a/k/a spacecoyote

1) "Best Friends," 2007

2)"John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes," 2007


"Calvin and Susie" by Keiko, a/k/a happychild

"Hobbes" by Jamie Boylan a/k/a Sacking Jimmy, 2007: According to the artist, "I did this for a battle over at the Satellite Soda forums. The topic was Destroying a Childhood Memory."

Commissioned Montage Painting: Many thanks to Joseph Camilleri for sending this one in. In his own words, "this [is a] painting I commissioned 11 years ago on the island of Malta. I picked my favorite Calvin & Hobbes comics and asked them to represent them in all their forms...laughing, afraid, fighting, etc...The painting is at least 4' x 2'."

Fan Watercolored Print: This fan piece was done in 2007 and the artist had this to say: "This is a piece of artwork I created as birthday gift for my college-age daughter. Because she and I share a passion for Calvin and Hobbes, it was a gift that was as much fun to make as to give... The black portion (the ink drawing part) is from a hi-res scan printed on heavy watercolor paper. The color part I watercolored by hand."


Watercolor Paintings : More fan art, this time in watercolor on 9"x12" paper.


Plastic Cels: It's always surprising to see the wide variation of items people will turn into Calvin and Hobbes artifacts. Here we have a couple of animation cels (though there was never a Calvin cartoon, I suppose some people like to envision what might have been). The first cel is a single sheet of clear plastic, possibly acrylic, measuring 14 1/2" x 9 1/2". The artist has printed Calvin and Hobbes dancing on it. The second cel is quite a nice example of animation cel art, featuring Calvin and Hobbes relaxing over a painting of a sunny hillside. The third cel was obtained by Mike S. at an estate sale in Huntington, NY in the early 2000s. Little is known about it, despite the certificate of authenticity.



Acrylic Paintings by unknown artists: Here we have some painted versions of Calvin, done by fans whose names are lost to the sands of time.

The first one measures 16" x 20".

The second one measures 450 x 410 mm (45 x 41 cm), and it is stretched on a
hand made solid wood frame. It was painted in purple metallic acrylic with black

The third painting, measuring 450 x 410 mm (45 x 41 cm), was painted in red
gloss with black detail and a heavy varnish layer.

The fourth painting measures 11 3/4" x 15" ( 30 cm x 40 cm ).

The fifth painting (featuring two close-up images of details) is a still life on an 8" x 10" canvas panel. It depicts a glass of red wine atop a section of the newspaper comics page, featuring a Calvin and Hobbes strip. According to the self-taught artist, "the contrast between the 'adult,' 'serious' wine and the more youthful and fun comic strip makes this painting intriguing and unique."

The sixth painting measures 18" x 24".



Printed Canvas: Another fan item measuring 16" x 20".

Vaksberg prints : These limited edition serigraphs by Swedish artist Vaksberg were printed in runs of 125 in 2004. The serigraphs measure 44" x 33".


Untitled (Calvin and Hobbes relaxing) by "Ashum", circa early 2000s.

Turtles and Hobbes by "Kyabetsu", 2004.

Calvin and Hobbes by Jaime Posadas, 2007.

Spaceman Spiff comic by Javier Burgos, 2007.


Avatars under 6k : These are under 6kb in size and 60x60 in dimensions. They were intended to be used as "avatars" on internet discussion boards, back when those were popular.



Animated GIFs : Here are a few animated GIFs I created from Bill's Sunday strips. The first is Hobbes yawning (80k). The second is Calvin in a factory, filling his tank (29k). The third is Calvin hurling a water balloon at an unsuspecting Susie (36k).


Homemade strips:

Strip #1 is a color strip made by Pratap Bhat. Thanks!

Strip #2 is C&H Meets Peanuts Pt.1, and I did it just for fun.

Strip #3 is C&H Meets Peanuts Pt.2, another from around the same time (circa 2003).

Strip #4 is from Halloween 2004 when I decided to take a killer bike strip and
change the dialogue.


Here's a Calvin and Hobbes-related song by a group called Pure Joy who formed in Seattle, Washington in the late 1980s. The song comes from their first album "Unsung," which you can usually purchase at Amazon by clicking here. According to the liner notes, "Unsung, recorded in 1988, was intended to be the first full-length Pure Joy release. It was financed by a shady character. He fled town with the master tapes. He fled town with all the money. He has never been heard from again. Fortunately, Rusty and Craig saw this coming and made copies of the tapes..."


(parts I'm not sure about are marked with question marks)

I'm gonna get me a ship

that can take me far away

Far from this stupid world

Calvin and Hobbes investigate

Just give me a chance

to show you all existing love

Love with imperfection and

you say that's not love at all

Now we know there's just too many things

for you to hold onto

And for all the love your words can bring

I'll have all the loss you surely breed (?)

I'm gonna have ships and things

That can take me all the way

out of reality

No fumes and glooms and postulates (?)

Just give me a chance

to show you all existing love

Love with imperfection and

you say that's not love at all

Now we know there's just too many things

for you to hold onto

And for all the love your words can bring

I'll have all the loss you surely breed (?)

I'm gonna build me a ship

that can take me far away

Far from this stupid world

Calvin and Hobbes investigate

Just give me a chance

to show you all existing love

Love with imperfection and

you say that's not love at all

No that's not love at all

Are you sure it's not love at all?

Here's one by Minnesota-based musician Eric Distad, recorded somewhat hastily for the album-writing challenge called FAWM. If you like it, let him know! He says he may record an improved version if feedback is forthcoming.

Got my tiger and me

It's a quarter to three

And we're headed back in time

To a place that I know

For pictures to show

That will get many a dime

First rule

Is what we say

The second is the same

As long as they don't repeat

That is the game

Stupendous man

With his super plan

In crimson cape so strong

Vanquishes schools

Rewrites the rules

And rights all the wrong

Spiff from Space

In a race

Across a barren moon

Dodge and run

You're almost done

You'll be in bed soon

Next up is a lovely disturbing little tune about a young man's, umm...fixation on Calvin's creator. It's by Neil Cicierega, a man of many talents.

Where'd you go when you were done?

I'd like to know what you've become

Your biggest fan, awake at dawn

I cry, I stand on your front lawn

Its plain to see you're scared of me

But that's not how it's 'sposed to be

When you're the reason I'm in town

Every piece of mind you put down

Don't you know I think you're the cat's meow

Where's the tiger now, where's the tiger now?

Bill Watterson, can't you hear me?

Bill Watterson, please don't fear me

Don't treat me like I have rabies

I only wanna have your babies

Now we have this rocking live tune about everyone's favorite alter ego. Sing along with Denver's own Red Eye Revival.

Watch out for Spaceman Spiff

Watch out for Spaceman Spiff

Enter a small but valiant hero

Flying through outer space

Watch out for Spaceman Spiff

Watch out for Spaceman Spiff

Watch out for Spaceman Spiff

Fearless hero

Flying explorer

Prepares to land his ship

He's Spaceman Spiff

(Spoken): Interplanetary explorer extraordinaire, Spaceman Spiff sets down to explore a new planet. Spaceman Spiff sets out in search for sentient life. What dangers lie ahead for our fearless hero? What's this?? Oh no, it's a dreaded scum being!!

Running, he's Spaceman Spiff

Running, he's Spaceman Spiff

Pressurize the magnetron

Turbolight the thrust drive

Blast to escape velocity

It's Spaceman Spiff


AMW a/k/a lecter82: Panels from the last Calvin comic

Andres: Calvin yelling

Andy Boy of Destiny: Hobbes looking at Calvin in his Hobbes persona

angelkitten13: Calvin and Hobbes hugging

Anonymous: Calvin and Hobbes dancing

Anonymous: entire Brazilian comic strip

Anonymous: Calvin ripping through the flesh

Anonymous: Calvin looking devious

Anonymous: Calvin with gruesome grin

Anonymous: Hobbes looking devious

Anonymous: Calvin pouring out his brain

Anonymous: Calvin looking confused

Anonymous: Calvin and Hobbes dancing

Anonymous: Calvin and Hobbes lounging in a tree

Anonymous: Hobbes angry at Calvin for tying tin cans to his tail

Anonymous: Hobbes leaping

Anonymous: Hobbes looking devious

Anonymous: Hobbes regarding the toy version of himself

Anonymous: Calvin and Hobbes exploring a barren Martian landscape in their wagon

Pete Arundell: Tracer Bullet

David Bach: Calvin saying "Wheeee"

Laura Cox: Spaceman Spiff in his ship

Lorenzo Cricchio: Hobbes peeking through the flesh

Lorenzo Cricchio: Spaceman Spiff with smoking guns

Lorenzo Cricchio: Calvin and Hobbes dancing

James Edwards: Calvin and Hobbes bowing to each other

Martin Emonds: Large image of Calvin running

Sarah Jocson: Calvin and Hobbes rolling around laughing

Jpfan01: Calvin in a "ta-da!" pose

Katari47: Calvin & Hobbes on their sled from the last Sunday strip

krzi1: Calvin and Hobbes dancing

Lauren Maczka: C&H wrestling / C&H hugging

Lyoni: Calvin and Hobbes dancing

Mark Moses: Calvin and Hobbes as The Joker and The Riddler

Mr. Butt Monkey: Hobbes w/cans on his tail, Calvin looking innocent

Don Nole: Calvin and Hobbes dancing

Rick Pierceall: C&H's faces looking devious

Luke Pommersheim: Calvin and Hobbes racing along in the red wagon

Nick Reynolds: C&H on an exploration

Spiritualtramp (Erinn): Hobbes making a heart with his fingers

Conan Stuart: Calvin and Hobbes standing and thinking

Patrick Walsh & girlfriend: Complimentary Calvin & Susie tattoos

Patrick Walsh: Snowman House of Horror

Dawn Zeigler: Calvin and Hobbes hugging


A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas: This 2011 video on YouTube features Johnny Mathis singing over a nicely sculpted tribute to the classic C&H snowman strips. This was made by Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie.

Store Display 01: Here's a nice shop display from a place called "Pearl Art and Craft" in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Many thanks to photographer Chris Pearce, who draws a teaching comic.

Store Display 02: In May 2005 I went to London and found this comic shop with a Calvin sign outside.


Winter Yard Decorations: Some really fun outdoor home decorating from the 2000s.

Calvin-o-lanterns: Some fans have carved Halloween jack-o-lanterns into tributes to Calvin.


Church Sign: This sign is from the Broadway United Methodist Church on September 09, 2005.

Guitars: Here are four hand-decorated guitars. The first is a hand-painted Aria Pro II with Fender hardshell case (broken clasps on case) and locking strap. The second item is a Fender Telecaster with Calvin & Hobbes etched in with a dremel (thanks Dave!). The third guitar is a Yamaha AES420. The fourth is a 1996 Fender Jaguar.



Jewelry Box: This is a hand painted box featuring Calvin and Hobbes. The box measures approximately 2 inches high and 2 1/4 inches wide.

Calvin and Hobbes purse: According to its creator, this purse was made from an authentic wooden Ashton cigar box. It measures 2.75" thick, 7.75" wide, and 8" tall (not including the faux wooden handle). The picture on the purse is plastic coated and the box has a shiny Krylon clearcoat polycrylic finish.

Calvin Totebag: Carry your summer squash home from the market in this fashionable bootleg totebag, emblazoned with C&H strips on each side.


Calvin Television : Someone decided it would be a great idea to paint Calvin and Hobbes on the side of his crappy old set.


Pitcher: This hand-painted plastic pitcher measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The painting depicts Calvin holding a pitcher of beer, and Hobbes passed out. According to the painter, "this pitcher has been VERY well used at many frat partys [sic] and other functions." Lovely.

Carved Glass: This is a sheet of glass, into which someone has carved the front cover of the Calvin and Hobbes book, It's a Magical World.

Mugs: Here we have mugs featuring Calvin and his furry pal Hobbes. The first is a mug made for an American school's German club. It features a Calvin & Hobbes strip in German. The second mug is just a picture of the duo in color, and the third mug is a 5" tall, hand-made ceramic item.


Engraved Mirror: Similar to the carved glass item above, this is actually a 12" x 12" mirror with an engraved Calvin strip on it.The engraved comic is the one where Calvin asks Miss Wormwood, "What Assurance do I have that this education is adequately preparing me for the 21st century? Am I getting the skills I'll need to effectively compete in a tough global economy? I want a high paying job when I get out of here! I want opportunity!" She responds, "In that case young man, I suggest you start working harder. What you get out of school depends on what you put into it.""Oh," says Calvin. "Then forget it."



Patches : This collection of patches comes from several places. You'll note that C&H seem to be popular subjects for patches in military and civilian rescue organizations. Patch #1 is a standard patch for use with clothing of all types. Patch #2 is a 4" patch for an EA-6B Prowler flight crew. Patch #3 appears to be from a fire department. Patch #4 is from Intel School class  90906. Patch #5 is a February 04, 1999 patch from the VT-9 USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 Buckeye Ball. All Navy aviation students must successfully complete 10 arrested landings (traps) aboard a US Navy carrier and be catapulted (shot) off a US Navy carrier 10 times to make their carrier qualification class. Carrier qualification classes originated when the Navy no longer had a carrier dedicated to the training of Naval pilots for takeoffs and arrested landings. The last two were the USS Lexington AVT-16 and USS Forrestal AVT-59. The training was moved aboard fleet aircraft carriers in from deployment. These classes start having specially designed name tags made to celebrate completion of the class. Later this evolved into carrier qualification (CQ) patches which are for the class members and normally are very politically incorrect and in quantities of less than 50 patches per class.

Patch #6 is a standard patch featuring Hobbes. Patches #7 each feature a different Calvin or Hobbes face. Patch #8 looks like another flight school patch for the military. Patch #9 is the patch worn by the "Vandalizers" of HSL-48's Detachment 10 during their cruise to the Mediterranean in 2006. They were onboard the frigate USS Elrod (FFG 55). HSL-48 is a Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light) located at Naval Station Mayport in Florida. They are one of six SH-60B helicopter squadrons on that base. Patch #10 features Calvin with a very shocked expression and was sent in by Clive H., whose friend made this 10" leather beauty in the mid-1990s. Thanks Clive! Patch #11 is a patch from 3 FTS 1 Sqn and 107 CSE in the Royal Air Force. Apparently, 15 of these patches were made.

Patches #12 & 13 are from the US Navy VP-9 Dubai Five team. Patch #14 is a Gulf War patch from Rangers serving in Afghanistan. Patches #15 & 16 are from the 80th Fighter Squadron Lieutenant's Protection Association, based out of Kunsan AB, South Korea. Patch #17 is from Flight Training Class 90-15 at Columbus AFB, the 14th Flying Training Wing, flying T-37 Tweets & T-38 Talons. Patch #18 is for a helicopter pilot advanced course in Portugal. Patches #19 & 20 are for flight engineers from the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. Patch #21 is from Officer Training Class 90-04 in Electronic Warfare at Mather AFB. Patches #22 to 28 are from various LPAs & BLMs. LPA means "Lieutenant Protection Association." These unofficial organizations of Lieutenants (the youngest officer grade in the Air Force) protect each other from hazing by the more experienced members of the squadron. A BLM is a Basic Loadmaster, the entry level in the loadmaster fieldPatch #29 is from Desert Storm and was used by the Air Force's 4401st ARS (P) SP. Patch #30 is from Vance AFB's 97-02 class. Patch #31 is for US Navy Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light 42 (HSL-42) "The Proud Warriors" Detachment 10 (1994) for the Maritime Interdiction Force (MIF).









Pez Dispenser: Some folks enjoy crafting homemade Pez candy dispensers. Here we see Calvin & Hobbes receiving the treatment. The person auctioning these had this to say: "They are attached to 4.9 no feet stems. These are made out of high quality clay and are hard and non-brittle. They are painted with acrylics and have a protective coat of varnish. These are fully functional Pez art as the heads tilt back and the dispensers can be filled with candy."

Calvin and Hobbes Guide To Daily Life: According to one site on the web, "This zine is a collection of Calvin & Hobbes comics and commentary on how they apply to everyday life. They discuss such issues as education, gender, work, life, and money in a easy to understand way. Robin Banks gives detailed and thoughtful insights into Bill Waterson's classic comic."

Painted Leather Jacket: You're tough as nails when you're wearing this sucker...until you turn around and people see the picture on the back.


Painted White Jacket: To me, it's amazing how much work people will put into making this stuff. This is still illegal merchandise, but it must've taken them awhile to silk-screen all of the pictures on this monstrosity!


Painted Denim Jackets: I'd like to think these were made by fans in the 1980s, since that was the last time denim jackets were actually cool. The sad truth, however, is probably that they were made more recently. Frightening stuff.


Calvin Corset: Yep, you read that right.


Calvin summer ensemble


Red Dress: According to the owner, this is a "cotton dress with a Calvin & Hobbes print; this is labelled as a Medium and I think would best fit a size 10 to 12; it's difficult to say as the cotton is quite stretchy, but the measurements unstretched are: 34 inch bust, 28 inch at the narrowest point of the waist, and 27 inches in length (excluding straps)."

Motorcycle Helmets: When you're out riding your hog, there's no classier way to protect your noodle than with a hand-painted Calvin helmet! Our first example is from an unknown source and it features Calvin holding a helmet of his own and giving the "thumbs up" sign. The next couple of pics were sent along by Clive H. who writes, "I live in Cambridge, England and have been a Calvin and Hobbes fan since the late 1980's...I own a Triumph Speed Triple and my friend, Baz (an airbrush artist) painted the helmet for me in the year 2000." Thanks
for sending the photos, Clive!


Painted Shoes: Some folks like to paint Calvin and Hobbes on their sneakers.


The Calvin Van : This is a van some dude painted with images from the strip.


Calvin Van #2: I guess this more or less speaks for itself. It's a painted 1970 VW Van. Keep on truckin'.


Spaceman Spiff Toyota: Yep, another personalized automobile. Check out the little silhouettes of their "kills," just like they put on the sides of aircraft. It's those little details I appreciate.

Calvin and Hobbes and all images thereof are (C)Bill Watterson